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Here are some feedback from our clients
Tariq Malik, Editor-in-Chief

Imelda Joson is an amazingly talented photographer who is as at home photographing wildlife, a Super Blood Moon or people at work as she is traveling abroad to capture a total solar eclipse. Her imagery is both striking and emotional, capturing a rocket launch or nesting falcon in ways that both amaze and intrigue the viewer. I have worked with her company, Joson Images, for more than a decade, and Imelda not only never fails to capture the exact image or exact moment in time required, but she also provides creative approaches to photography that we never anticipated. I cannot recommend Imelda enough for all your photography needs. And if you are a stargazing fan, Imelda brings a unique insight not only into astrophotography, but also to the gear and optics you might need to better understand and appreciate the night sky.

Sarah Corbett, Director of Editorial Services / Editor, UML Magazine
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Imelda Joson is one of the most skilled and professional photographers we've worked with at UMass Lowell. Whether she's shooting faculty research in a science lab, capturing student collaborating in a classroom, or getting candids at large events, Imelda not only makes her subjects comfortable, she also always provides us with photos that are better than we had even imagined. From marketing brochures to editorial spreads in our alumni magazine — the photos Imelda creates have been vital in helping us tell the university's story. I can't recommend her enough.

Rick Fienberg, former Press Officer
American Astronomical Society

The American Astronomical Society (AAS) used to rely on volunteers to shoot photos at our semiannual meetings which attract as many as 3,000 attendees. When we eventually realized that we were doing ourselves a disservice, we hired Imelda Joson. The results were immediate and gratifying. Imelda elevated the quality of our meeting photography through a combination of professionalism, technical skill, and artist's eye. Our members enjoyed interacting with her and often asked for copies of her photos, for example, to use in press releases about the discoveries they presented at the meeting. Imelda also helped the AAS navigate the transition to digital imaging and social media, enabling us to post images online in near-real time during our conferences. When you work with Imelda, you don't feel like you're in a manager-client relationship, but in a partnership.

J. Kelly Beatty, Senior Editor
Sky & Telescope Magazine

The best photographers are not just intuitively creative but also pay close attention to the details. And that’s one reason why Imelda Joson has distinquished herself. She’s dedicated to providing the very best for her clients — whether it’s getting the lighting just right to making sure the project is handled completely and professionally. I’ve worked with Imelda many times over the years and would not hesitate to do so again.

David J. Eicher, Editor-in-Chief
Astronomy Magazine

Imelda Joson is a photographer with a critical eye, who succeeds in capturing the heart and soul of her targets, whether they be on Earth or far away in this big cosmos. Her work is an inspiration to us all!